Welcome to Constantia Beauty!

There is much choice in the market today that it can be confusing in deciding what to buy.  We all want to make smart purchases – finding a balance between buying the best items without paying too much of a premium.

Constantia Beauty products have been created with practicality and performance in mind, while offering value without compromising quality.  These have also been packaged attractively to cater for those giving these as gifts, so that recipients can appreciate the thought that went into choosing this special gift.

Constantia Beauty Products:


Constantia Beauty 12 Pack Natural Sea Silk Sponges 1.5″- 3″ Size

Premium Natural Fina Sea Silk Sponges from the Mediterranean

Premium Natural Sea Wool Sponges – 2 Soft Real Sponges 6″-7″ (Large) & 3″- 4″ (Medium)


Natural Sea Sponges 5 pc Multi Pack the Perfect Spa Gift Set (Hypoallergenic)

Real Sea Sponge for Men by Constantia Man – Extra Large 6″-7″